About Us

                        ABOUT US

What started as a passion (okay okay maybe slight obsession) for Parisian style and culture? Morphed into an American girl creating a line that would perfectly fuse the best of both style and culture into one! Priveè Label was created for the fashion savvy everyday woman who is feminine yet strong, modest yet confident, but trendy yet classic.

Priveè Label is an online fashion house that is always on trend, but gives the Priveè Woman the duality of style all while being fashion forward. Priveè Label created a line that embodies and embraces all women individual style and uniqueness.

The heart of the Priveè Label brand is to empower our customers to be unapologetic sexy and fearless. All the while the back bone of the brand is in the name Priveè , which is a French word for “private” or “individual”. When used in fashion it is a distinguish comparison to regular ready to wear versus more high-end pieces that are made and picked with a lot of attention to the fine details.

Priveè Label prides itself with giving you pieces that are made with care and quality to match. We know that style is a personal declaration of who you are, so we will ensure that every collection is made with you in mind and making sure you look and feel good.

We at Priveè Label hope that you love each and every piece you add to your wardrobe, and would want to wear over and over again.

Welcome to the Priveè Label lifestyle!

Au Revoir mes amours,